One of my favourite places in London, National Gallery date with a friend :) English blog #3

Hii everyone, how’s your week been?

Welcome to another my English Blog today 🙂

Last weekend, I went to the National Gallery with my friend. I love museums and galleries and There are so many places I haven’t visited yet in London but so far, National Gallery is my favourite place to go. This time was my third time visiting there. I think I will never get bored with this place!

coffee time at Cafe Crypt

The last time I went to the National Gallery in August with the same friends, we went to the Waterstones Cafe, right in front of Trafalgar Square. We could have gone to the same place this time, but we decided to look for a different cafe, so we searched on Google Maps and found Cafe Crypt very close to the gallery.

I was excited to see that it was located underground in a church. My friend has recently moved to London from Kent, so she is not familiar with Central London, but for those who know Central London well, it seems to be a well-known cafe.

I ordered an almond cake (gluten-free!) and a cappuccino. It was £6.90. I would say a bit expensive?

We hadn’t seen each other for a few months, so we catch up on how we had been spending our time recently. We had both moved to a different area during the time we hadn’t seen each other, so that was the main topic of conversation 🙂

It seems to be called a hidden cafe, but it was very popular with people. As you can imagine, it’s right next to the tourist attraction Trafalgar Square. The brick wall of the basement of the church gave it a very nice atmosphere.

National Gallery B&C sections

After spending around an hour there we headed to the National Gallery which is our purpose! It was already around 15:00 so before heading off we booked a ticket online at 15:15.

FYI you need to book a ticket before enter! 👀 But it’s mostly available anytime (Nov/2021)

This is the entrance 🙂

We’ve been to the A&B section the last time but we spent over an hour in the A section and got tired so we looked around the B section very quickly and gave up completely to see the C section. lol So this time our purpose was B&C.

In the C section, there is one of the most popular paintings in the world….

… YES. This painting is maybe the most popular one in the collection the national gallery have. “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh.

Absolutely stunning… I was dying to see it because I missed it the last time. And also I wanted to get a mug of sunflowers since I saw it at the gift shop there. Actually, I was about to buy it the last time but since I didn’t see the original painting with my eyes I thought it’s kinda strange to buy it at that time. 😂😂😂

When I was a kid, I read about Van Gogh’s life story and I always wanted to see his original paintings with my eyes and it was more beautiful than I expected, such amazing art.

This is a painting called “A Man seated reading at a Table in a Lofty Room” by Followers of Rembrandt.

I don’t know how popular this paint is, but the painting of the shadows and natural light coming from the window is amazing and beautiful. It’s probably a bit dark but feels like there are some stories in it.

This is “Snow Scene at Argenteuil” by Claude Monet. Monet is an absolute legend in the art world. He left many types of paintings but I like his scenery paintings.

My knowledge of arts is not really great but I just love museums, galleries, arts in general. I want to learn and know the history, backgrounds, their life, and drawing styles. London is an amazing place to feel arts so I’m gonna visit many museums and galleries and learn ❤️

What I got from the gift shop

I bought a mug and a small picture from the museum gift shop. This was a total of £13.95. Expensive… but I love it!

My new friend of coffee time at home and a nice addition to the wall of my room. 🌼❤️



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I know, you’ve read my article and now you want to go there, don’t you? The National Gallery is an amazing place and you should visit it more than once because once is not enough. It’s free, the space is lovely, and first of all, the walls on the inside of the building are adorable! You’ll definitely enjoy it and if you like art, you should definitely stop by. If I lived in central London, I’d probably go on every holiday.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. See you in the next post!



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