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Halloween Saturday night in London :) English blog #2

Hello guys,

How was your Halloween weekend? Hope you guys had the best time with your family or friends! 🎃

I am usually not a person who really enjoy Halloween with dressing up or partying and this year as well, I didn’t do something specific for Halloween. But not on purpose, I had a plan to meet up friends of my friend in central London on Halloween Eve night. Actually, we were planning to hang out the previous weekend but due to a double booking appointment, we postponed the plan and ended up meeting on Halloween weekend accidentally.

And I’d say we ended up doing something kind of Halloween or whatever, for a special day. At least for me. (As I said, I am personally not a person who enjoy a night out or clubbing or partying.)

Anyway, what did you guys do for Halloween? 👀


Meeting place: Leicester Square.

I technically live in London but I don’t go to central London that much. And probably this night is the busiest day I’ve ever seen. In the tube station, there were so many people waiting and making queues, and obviously, there were a couple of group people dressing up as characters in Squid Game, Marvel movies or whatever. Luckily there wasn’t that scary makeup or dressing up people around. Huh, lol

Leicester Square on Halloween weekend

As planned, we went to China Town for dinner together. Of course, it was quite busy. As you can easily imagine, it was hard to walk fast and every restaurant has a queue. I was actually quite hungry as I only had cereal and fruits in the morning and it was around 5 pm.

This is our meal on that day 🙂

Dinner at China town

I ordered a prawn fried noodle. My friends ordered: beef something (right below), Chinese curry with seafood and bold rice (right middle), Tom yam kung soup (left above). And we shared 10 dim sum x2 sets.

  Always dim sum (dumplings) are the best!

During the dinner, we talked about a Karaoke room in Soho. Karaoke is not that common in the UK but there are some places like a karaoke room or bar in central London. One of my friends has been there and she knows one of the karaoke rooms in Soho has lots of music in many different languages including Japanese. However, these rooms were all booked and if we wanted, we needed to wait until 1 am. It’s a bit too ridiculous, right?

Instead, we looked for a place to have drinks. Firstly we found a nice bar with vivid red lights. Actually, it was a gay bar. Loud music, amazing lights, lots of people and good drinks. I’d never been to a gay bar but it was like a normal bar with a bit of gorgeous (and a bit sexy) decoration. There was nice Halloween style decoration as well.

Gay bar 1

After having one drink we went to another bar called BE AT ONE. It’s a bar but there is some performance using glasses by bar clerks and loud music as customers need to scream to talk. Loads of people and many cosplayers there and there were only few seats which was already booked. Almost everyone was standing, moving their body to the music and singing. This reminded me of clubbing in Tokyo. (I haven’t been to clubbing in London yet)

CHECK some video on my IG (@lysinlondon)





Lys ☁️(@lysinlondon)がシェアした投稿

Many chart songs were there and it was really fun. Some guy came and bought us shots 😂😂😂 Dancing, drinking and having some fun, is that a very typical night out isn’t it???

I don’t usually do something like this. But one of my friends there like a party, drinking and clubbing so kind of it went naturally like this. Sometimes it’s good, right? 🙂

Then we got home around midnight. I was okay. I remember everything. I could walk properly. However, when I tried to go to sleep I felt sick like hell…. haha FInally I could fall asleep… it was already 6 am 🙁 The next day, I got hungover. (T_T)

But it was one of experience.:) I think I could feel a very Halloween vibe (accidentally)!

This is my Halloween weekend story, how did you guys spend the Halloween weekend? Hope you had a good time! Are you guys the type of person who wants to hang out dressing up in Shibuya during Halloween? Or Do you prefer spending normal cosy days at home or local area?

Thank you for reading. See you soon 🙂






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